Privacy Policy

This website collects personal information from its users to the extent necessary to smoothly run its services, including providing information on its web pages and receiving users' opinions. In collecting, using, and handling personal information, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government takes proper measures as described below, based on the "Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on the Protection of Personal Information" (Ordinance No. 113 of 1990; hereinafter referred to as "the Ordinance"), and endeavors to provide a website that everyone can use with peace of mind.


“Personal information” refers to addresses, names, phone numbers, email addresses, and other personally identifiable information provided via use of this website to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.


This privacy policy applies only to this website and does not apply to sites linked to by this website. The handling of information on the linked websites is the responsibility of the respective owners/providers.

■Collection of personal information

As a general rule, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government collects via this website personal information voluntarily provided (registered) by users.Personal information (name, email address, sex, age, phone number) collected on this site will be strictly controlled by the Managing Office, and will be used only for application and reception management of the 5G Demonstration Experience.

■Restrictions on the use of personal information

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government uses personal information provided (registered) by users only for the purposes specified in advance. The relevant implementing bodies* will never use this personal information outside the purposes of the collection, nor will this personal information be provided to any parties other than the implementing bodies, unless otherwise specified by the Ordinance.

However, statistical data on user attributes, etc., obtained through the operation of this website, may be made public, but this data will not contain personal information.

*"Implementing bodies" refers to those that handle the relevant personal information, namely the Governor of Tokyo, administrative commissions, the directors of public enterprises, Fire Chief, and the directors of administrative bodies stipulated by Tokyo Metropolitan Government regulations.

■Handling of personal information

This website's administrators will handle all collected personal information securely and carefully and take proper measures to prevent any unauthorized disclosure, use, alteration, etc. The management of this website may be entrusted to an external party. This contractor will also take proper measures in an identical manner to that described above.

■Disclosure, correction, and deletion of personal information

If you would like to request disclosure, correction, or deletion of your personal information, please contact us using the inquiry form on this website.
Please note that we cannot respond to any requests from third parties other than the person in question, and the secretariat will contact you to confirm your identity after receiving your inquiry. We ask for your understanding in this matter.

・Requests for disclosure, correction, or deletion of personal information will be handled only when the data held by the secretariat matches the information provided at the time of identification. Please note that if the information does not match, we will not be able to disclose the information.
・After confirming your identity, the secretariat will contact you by e-mail to confirm the disclosure.
・After confirming your identity, the secretariat will handle any corrections or deletions.